Pragmata Attends Historic Bridge Repair WorkshopPragmata Attends Historic Bridge
Repair Workshop

March 8, 9 and 10 Pragmata proprietor Shawn Selway was among seventy participants at a course on metal bridge repair and rehabilitation sponsored by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training at Lansing Community College in Lansing, Michigan.

The principal object of the exercise was to bring together craftsmen and engineers in a short course on theory and practice of metal bridge rehabilitation, in order to give engineers more confidence in the options for continued use of the historic structures.

After an opening day of papers, days two and three involved hands on instruction for all participants in heat straightening of bent structural members, pack rust removal, rivet removal, and hot riveting, as well as a number of welding and brazing techniques, including forge welding of wrought iron bar.  Vernon Mesler (below) curator of Michigan's Historic Bridge Park and Principal Investigator for the NCPTT grant which helped fund the course, demonstrated padding repair of concaved eye bar eyes.

(left) Vernon Mesler, curator of Michigan's Historic Bridge Park and Principal Investigator for the NCPTT grant, which helped fund the course, demonstrated padding repair of concaved eye bar eyes.







New Pan-Canadian Industrial Heritage Portal Launches

As promised at last fall's Industrial Strength conference in Hamilton, members of the I.H. community of practice in Canada have  a new web site through which to communicate with each other and the general public.

Canadian Industrial Heritage/ Patrimoine industriel canadien is at industrialheritage.ca. As of mid-March the national inventory pages are still being fleshed out, but listings for Alberta and Quebec are posted. 

Industrial Strength conference well attended

The first Industrial Strength conference, devoted to the Canadian industrial heritage, took place from Oct 21-24 in Hamilton. A hundred and fifteen delegates from all over the country took part in two days of paper sessions, preceded by an opening reception at the City’s 1858 pumphouse on the Wednesday evening, and followed by a day of  bus-touring. You can download the conference program In English here or in French here.

During a side meeting initiated by Ian McGillivray (McGillivray Architects Toronto) and chaired by Janet Wright (Parks Canada Calgary) Co-Chair of the conference organizing committee, it was agreed to maintain the web site put in place for the conference, and to develop it as a portal for Canadian industrial heritage sites, projects and information exchange. 

In another sign of the steady maturation of this field, ICOMOS members attending the conference were told at their AGM, held after the conclusion of the paper sessions on Friday, that ICOMOS Canada is acting as the lead to produce an integrated draft of the proposed ICOMOS-TICCIH Guidelines for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage. 

On Saturday simultaneous bus tours went to Toronto, to the Distillery District. For history visit www.distilleryheritage.com and various sites along the Niagara Escarpment and in Hamilton, including Morningstar Mill (for some details, go to www.morningstarmill.ca and the De Cew generating station, built 1898 and presently being refurbished to continue operating. We went also to the City of Hamilton’s central waste recycling depot, and to the Siemens plant, where gas turbines are manufactured. (Very impressive, but no cameras allowed.)  

  • Decew Falls 1898 -Power-Generating-Station-Aerial---BW---Ontario-Power-Generation---Mark-Csele
  • De Cew Falls 110
  • De Cew Falls Generators
  • De Cew Falls Generator
  • Morningstar Mill - Flour Colour Grader
  • Morningstar Mill - Turbine Well -sightglass At The Foot Of The Ladder
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