Pragmata is now closed due to the passing of Shawn Selway.

Pragmata Historic Machinery Conservation Services

Millwrighting for Preservationists

Pragmata Historic Machinery Conservation offers conservation and millwrighting services to all custodians of the industrial past.

The purpose of Pragmata is to assist the owners and custodians of historic machinery both to place it in preservation, and to understand the processes in which that machinery had its function.

Pragmata services include historical research, condition assessments, detailed specifications, inspections and documentation, assembly/disassembly and more, carried out by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

"The most useful knowledge is – first to know what you want – and second – where to get it. There is little that is new under the sun, and the best informed people are generally those who know their own ignorance, and at the same time how and when to supply the deficiency."

– Thomas Coltrin Keefer, inaugurating the department of engineering at McGill, 1856